In an earlier blog, I mentioned that Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, who is vying for the Republican senate nomination to replace Jeff Flake, has been described as a weak candidate.

Well, it turns out that second-term Rep. Martha McSalley may make a run for that seat.  And she is anything but weak in any way.

Ms. McSalley, among other things:

-Graduated the Air Force Academy with honors,

-Has a masters degree from Harvard University’s School of Government,

-Completed pilot training at the Air War College (first in her class),

-Became a combat pilot in Iraq – the first woman in U.S. history to fly combat missions over enemy territory,

-Rose to Lt. Colonel, during which she commanded the 354th Fighter Squadron…which was subsequently awarded  the David C. Shilling Award, for the best aerospace contribution to national defense,

-And has, since 2015, represented Arizona’s 2nd district in the House of Representatives.

Does that look like a weak candidate to you?  I doubt it.

Plus, Ms. McSally represents a congressional district that usually sends Democrats to Washington – which means she can get the crossover votes necessary to win in Arizona.

And, based on her support for most of President Trump’s proposals (as opposed to Jeff Flake’s opposition), she certainly can count on whatever help he can give her.

If I were a Republican I would be hoping – make that fervently praying – Martha McSalley does run, and wins the senate nomination.

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