The following exchange, complete with editorial comment, is pulled from Nicholas Fondacaro’s article at newsbusters.org.

Take a good look and see how, during yesterday’s “Sunday Morning” show on ABC, a positive story was twisted into a sideways attack on the President:

When co-anchor Dan Harris brought on Foreign Affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz to discuss the political news, he prompted her to knock how Trump was getting positive coverage for once. “This is the second time in a few weeks we’ve seen Donald Trump next to Americans who have just been released from captivity overseas. Before this, it was the Americans who were freed from North Korea. How much of a boost do these stories give to the president,” he asked.

Donald Trump, trumpets all of these releases. It’s very unusual, of course, for someone to be released and go straight to the White House for a photo opportunity,” Raddatz opined. But that’s not entirely accurate. President Obama had his own press conference to “trumpet” the release of Bowe Bergdahl, the infamous Afghanistan deserter, which ultimately blew up in his face. Obama actually traded five Taliban commanders for Bergdahl while Trump gave nothing in return for Holt.

So I would say it is pretty obvious it does give him a boost,” Raddatz continued to whine. “I’m not sure many Americans knew about Joshua Holt and he was held in Venezuela…” It’s interesting and tragic that she would surmise how many Americans knew about Holt because according to a Nexis search of ABC broadcasts from 2016, they never mentioned his capture.

As you can see, the fact that President Obama did exactly the same thing – not for a missionary imprisoned on trumped up charges, but for a deserter who cost the lives of American soldiers searching for him; a deserter who Obama gave up five senior taliban murderers to get.

But that did not count for this panel.  Nor did it count that the reason people did not know about Joshua Holt’s imprisonment is that media – including ABC News – never reported it.

So here we have an attempt – a lame, obnoxious one, but an attempt nonetheless – to turn what should be a joyous occasion into a small, snitty dig at the President for publicly celebrating Mr. Holt’s return.

Way to go, guys.  Thank you for, again, showing that what so many people think of your “reporting” these days is right on target.

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