CNN’s Chief Resident Narcissist (he’s #1, but not the only one) wrote a book, titled The Enemy Of The People – A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America”.

It must be flying off the bookshelves, right?  I mean, this Acosta guy is as hot as a firecracker on the fourth of July, right?

Well, the book has been out just a little over a month (June 11th release date), so it’s still enjoying its big rush, which, according to amazon.com, currently puts it at…#4,882 in sales.

Wow!  Whooey!  WHoohoo!  That is spectacular!!!  Only 4,881 books ahead of it!!!!!!

Ok, on a (slightly) more serious note…

…call me a dreamer, but I can’t help thinking this has the potential to drop Mr. Acosta’s self image from somewhere in the upper ionosphere down to where it belongs.  Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe the bottom of a crater in Death Valley.

Will it, though?  Probably not.  Acosta being Acosta, he’ll probably blame the fact that no one cares about his book on Trump.  And maybe climate change, White supremacy and the citizenship question.

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