A khasuren die kalleh is tsu shayn

Just a wild guess:  most readers will not know what the title of this blog means. So let me explain.

The title is, in fact, a Yiddish sarcasm.  Literally, it means “A fault (that) the bride is too pretty”  It is meant to convey that there are people who, no matter how good//positive something might be, will manage to find something wrong with it…

…which leads us to Eliana Johnson and Nancy Cook’s latest article for politico.com, which attacks President Trump for cutting a deal with Mexico on illegal immigration.

Here is how it starts:

You might say it’s The Art of the Deal.

First, spark a crisis by threatening harsh consequences if hazy, unspecified demands aren’t met.

Then, torque up the suspense as an artificial deadline approaches, while nervous observers warn of the dire consequences of going over the cliff.

And finally, cut a vague, imperfect or constitutionally questionable deal at the last minute, claiming victory and savaging the critics.

This is the pattern, well-worn by now, of President Donald Trump’s negotiations with a host of adversaries, real or perceived — and it’s getting eerily familiar in Washington.

Thank you Ms. Johnson and Ms. Cook, for your trenchant analysis.  Now let’s point out what actually happened.

-Trump threatened a 5% tariff on all Mexican goods coming into the Unites States, starting June 10th and escalating 5% a month to 25% by October.

-Mexico, knowing a) that this would be a disaster for its US-driven economy and that b) in Trump, there finally is a President who might actually do more than just make threats, agreed to send 6,000 troops to the border to prevent illegals from coming in, and also to hold at least some of the asylum seekers in Mexico while their cases are being processed.

-And Mexico agreed to this with the knowledge that President Trump made it clear he would rescind the deal and impose the tariff if Mexico didn’t seriously follow through on its agreement.

So, in summary, Trump – at no cost to U.S. consumers or Mexico’s economy – got Mexico to agree to major efforts that might stem the tidal wave of illegals crossing its border to the United States.

This is what has set off Eliana Johnson and Nancy Cook – whose analysis, in essence, is “Wow, what a jerk that Trump is.”  Their version of a khasuren die kalleh is tsu shayn.

Well, in fairness, these two do have a bit of a point.   I mean, what does Donald Trump know about making a deal anyway?  It’s not like he has the experience, the knowledge and the track record of, say, Eliana Johnson and Nancy Cook, right?

Less than a week ago, “journalists”  were telling us that Trump was an idiot for trying to use the United States’ leverage to get Mexico moving on illegal immigration.  He was going to devastate both economies, wipe out the benefits of Trump’s tax cuts (the ones, many of these same journalists told us, didn’t even exist – remember?) and basically bring hellfire and brimstone down on both sides of the border.

Now, after his use of that leverage has resulted in major movement by Mexico?  We are being told that none of it counts and he’s just an idiot who doesn’t know how to get things done.

And not a word from Ms. Johnson and Ms. Cook about the fact that this tariff threat was made necessary by the fact that Democrats have aggressively fought every attempt President Trump has made to secure our side of the border.  That, you see, is no problem at all to them.

Anyone still wondering why fewer and fewer people trust “journalists” anymore?

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