Did you know that Cancun, Mexico is as far east as Chicago Illinois? most people would be surprised to find that out because they think of Mexico as being below California. But Mexico juts all the way out, which puts Cancun is almost exactly due south of the Windy City.

Unfortunately, eastbound geography is not the only similarity between the two.

Chicago is something of a mecca for violent crimes, especially murder. And Cancun is very much the same for Mexico.  In fact, Cancun is far more of a murder capital than Chicago ever was.

How bad are things there?

As of 2017, Cancun has a population of roughly 725,000 people, and Chicago has a population of about 2,716,000 – almost four times as many.  So you might assume that, to be equivalent, Chicago would have roughly four times as many murders per year as Cancun does.

Well, so far this year, Chicago has a total of 594 murders (expect a couple more before the day is out).

And Cancun?  540 murders.

In other words, Cancun, with about one-fourth Chicago’s population, has about 90% of its murder rate.

You know that things aren’t very good where you are if, comparatively speaking, you will be four times safer in Chicago.

That is today’s Cancun.

But, scarily enough, Cancun has nothing on Tijuana.

Tijuana, the roosting place for, among others, those caravans that can’t get across the border, has a population of slightly over 2,000,000 people – still appreciably less than Chicago.  Yet its 2018 murder rate is hovering in the 2,400 range – almost five times as high.

But, sure, let’s let illegals across the border.  No knowledge of who they are, what they’ve done, whether they are involved with drugs, gangs or both; no vetting, just a promise to show up for a future court date that virtually none of them will show up for.  That is supposed to make more sense than erecting a wall to keep illegals out.

Does it? Really?

And, still, we wait for Democrats to propose any specific alternative to that wall.  The one they desperately do not want built, any more than they want serious Voter ID laws.

Gee, I wonder why…


    • Very true. Which makes it that much more imperative that we completely overhaul the immigration laws – the ones Trump 100% correctly calls “ridiculous”.

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