These, folks, are the opening remarks from President Trump, made to his overflow-attended rally (aren’t they all?) in Florida last night, the day after visiting survivors of the Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh:

Before going any further I went to take a moment to address the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It was terrible. Eleven Americans were brutally murdered in an evil anti-Semitic attack. Yesterday I traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with the families and first responders and I especially want to thank Rabbi Jeffrey Myers. He was terrific. He was terrific. Fine man. We grieve for the families of the fallen and we send our eternal gratitude to the law enforcement officers who sustained severe injuries taking down the gunman. They were incredible. They were incredible. They were incredible. As bad as it was, it could have been far worse and they got there fast. We pledge our resolve to remove the vile poison of anti-Semitism and so many other problems from our world and we reaffirm our unbreakable solidarity with the Jewish people.

That’s some helluva nazi we’ve got there, let me tell you.

If you want to see hatred – the real kind, not the made-for-low-information-voters kind, you need look no further than what Democrats and their leftist cohorts are screaming about President Trump.

No one hates as completely and intensely as the left.  No one.

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