Over the past year and a half, we have had a large number of media people, both broadcast and print, ominously warning us that Donald Trump’s comments about “fake news” might cause people to become confrontational, maybe even violent, against them.

Now, a year after a left wing lunatic shot up a Republican softball game, nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise, and three in-your face confrontations this week alone against Republicans – DHS Secretary Kirstjen Neilson, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now Florida Attorney General Pam Biondi

…can you show me the worried concern expressed that these people – all of them women (media’s gold standard for mistreatment/vulnerability/aggrievement, lets not forget) might be in jeopardy?

Or is it that you don’t give a damn if something happens to Republican women – which is certainly the way it looks?

What will you do if harm befalls one or more of them?  Maybe their family members?  Blame them instead of the lunatics who would do such a thing?  After all, they are Republicans, aren’t they?  So they must deserve it, right?

Could your hypocrisy or your partisanship possibly be more overt?

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