Two questions for that Thai soccer team

Now that the Thai soccer team – trapped in a cave so deep and so treacherous that it has taken over a week, and and cost one diver (so far) his life, to get the players and their coach out – have all been rescued…

… will someone please ask these questions:

-What the eff was that team doing in that cave?  And don’t tell us there was a soccer tournament going on there.

-Why would a soccer coach – or anyone, coach or otherwise – put these children in that kind of danger?

It seems evident to me that there is an untold story here.  One that had damn well better be made public.  ASAP.

Or does the coach get a free pass, the way Las Vegas authorities got a free pass for letting and an insane shooter kill 59 and wound 515, over 72 minutes, before stopping him – another story that obviously is untold, and media conveniently forgot about.


  • I found the answer to one.

    The group became trapped on June 23 when they started exploring the caves after going on a picnic following football practice.

    • Going 3 miles into a dangerous, water-filled cave, as a fun little side trip during a post-game picnic? Nope. It doesn’t compute, or anywhere near close.

      I think the parents of those children, the dead diver’s family, the other divers who risked their lives and the country of Thailand, which footed the bill for their rescue, deserve far more credible answers than that.

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