As I assume you are aware, Target, the country’s second largest retailer, has implemented a policy whereby people of the opposite sex can use the rest rooms and fitting rooms which, until now, have been separated by sex.  The reasoning is that it enables transgender people to use bothrooms of the gender they believe they should have been instead of the gender they, in fact, are.

As you may also be aware, on April 20th, a boycott was organized by a conservative group called the American Family Association (AFA).  People were asked to pledge, over the internet, that they would boycott Target because of its new gender non-specific bathroom policy.

Since then – in just one week’s time – the AFA claims that over one million such pledges have been received.

While it is true that, as with any internet activity – that number might be inflated by some people “pledging” two or more times, it is hard not to believe that the actual number is quite high.

My question to our wonderful “neutral” media:  why have you given so little coverage to this extraordinary reaction to the boycott?

For whatever it’s worth, AFA claims the boycott is not directed at transgender people, but at sexual predators who will use this policy for their less than stellar purposes.   It says, among other things:

“We want to make it very clear that AFA does not believe the transgender community poses this danger to the wider public.  Rather, this misguided and reckless policy provides a possible gateway for predators who are out there.”

“Nearly everyone has a mother, wife, daughter or friend who is put in jeopardy by this policy.  Predators and voyeurs would take advantage of the policy to prey on those who are vulnerable.”

I can’t speak for AFA’s sincerity as an organization.  But I do think it makes a very valid point about opportunistic predators and voyeurs.

So does Fox News’s Todd Starnes, when he asks:

For the sake of inclusivity, would Target allow a 16-year-old who identifies as a 21-year-old to purchase a six-pack of beer? Would Target provide a senior citizen discount to a 30-year-old who identifies as a 70-year-old?

Just how significant is AFA’s pledge drive?

I think you’ll know relatively soon, by Target’s reaction.  If it concludes that the store is getting bad enough publicity, and/or it feels it is losing enough business, it’s a good bet this policy will be reversed.

We’ll see….

…and we’ll also see if media report its decision as sparsely as they are reporting the boycott numbers.


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