This week, only due to the herculean efforts of Judicial Watch, we found out that Hillary Clinton’s most trusted confidante (and likely Chief of Staff if she had won the election), Huma Abedin, had passed along 2,800 emails to the computer of her husband, disgraced, jailed former congressperson Anthony Weiner – including classified emails.

Now, a few questions:

-How much have you read or seen about this in mainstream media?

-How many articles/features/cable news panel discussions have you come across?

-Do you think that if the responsible political party for this wholesale distribution of emails from the State Department, including classified emails, was Republicans instead of Democrats, that it might be getting a bit more attention?  (Before answering, please consider the amount of attention the Russia/Trump collusion “story” continues to get, even after a year and a half of scouring has resulted in no evidence to back it up).

And, finally, the question this obviously leads to:  do you still wonder why fewer and fewer people trust mainstream media?

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  • -How much have you read or seen about this in mainstream media?

    Because I quit paying attention to the msm years ago. If I love you, I will tolerate little lies from time to time, but not big lies all of the time.
    And I don’t love the msm.

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