Ken Berwitz

The best thing I can say about “Super Tuesday\’ is that Bernie Sanders did better than most people thought he would, by winning four states….and demonstrating, again, that younger people reject Hillary Clinton (the NBC News exit polls showed her with just 35% of 25-and-unders).  

Also, what was Ms. Clinton wearing when she made her “we did great” speech?  It looks like one of those Hazmat suits they put you in if you\’re going to a quarantined area:

On the Republican side, donald trump won just about everything in sight, again with far less than half the vote, and a large majority of Republican primary voters rejecting him, but splitting their votes between Rubio and Cruz.

trump, surprisingly, was somewhat subdued (by his standards) in making his “victory” speech.  The big news, it seemed to me, was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie standing behind him – the day after refusing to comment on trump\’s phumphering around evasively when asked about duke on Sunday.  Christie looked like he would rather have been at the dentist\’s office for a root canal.

And the others?  

Rubio came across as silly, sporting a big “we\’re doing it” smile after winning exactly one state – Minnesota – and remaining behind in his home state of Florida.  

Cruz put on a happy face as well, but, in his case, had at least some credibility after winning three states, including his home state of Texas.

In the also-ran category, Kasich won nothing, but did well in a couple of states.  He remains on life support until and unless he does extremely well in the next round of primary states.  

Carson\’s candidate makes no sense of any kind anymore.

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