Dick and Claire are in the same family.

“Vote nay”, says Dick.  “Vote nay so that we can try to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.”

Claire says “But, Dick, the latest polls show my Republican opponent, Josh Hawley, pulling ahead of me in my re-election campaign.  And they show President Trump with a positive overall rating.  So if I vote nay it might cause me to lose”.

“I don’t care”, says Dick, angrily.  I want you to vote nay.  If you lose your re-election campaign it will be for a good cause”.

“Would you do that if you were in my situation?” said Claire, challengingly?

“Why of course”, said Dick, with a sly grin.

“Dick, I think you are very well named”, said Claire.  And full of something I like to get rid of after meals.”

“Oh, nerts” said Dick dejectedly.  “But maybe this will work for Joe Manchin, or Heidi Heitkamp, or Joe Donnelly”.

The end.

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