My congratulations to the voters of San Francisco.

Not content with seeing the streets of this once-beautiful city become a succession of tent encampments for homeless/indigent people, complete with human feces and drug needles strewn across its streets…

…they have now elected Chesa Boudin, a proudly radical leftist, as its District Attorney.

And what is his promise to San Franciscans?

From Peter Hasson’s article at

“We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted,” Boudin vowed in response to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) questionnaire during the campaign.

“Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted, we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness,” he lamented.

In other words, Boudin’s plan to address the rapid descent of San Francisco into a self-created cesspool,  is roughly the equivalent of a fraternity pledge being hit hard in the ass with a paddle, and then saying “Thank you sir, may I have another”.

So congratulations again to the voters of San Francisco.  If that is your goal, you are succeeding magnificently.

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