The video you are about to see aired on Saturday night.  But it is not a skit from Saturday Night Live.  It is an actual “discussion” about Trump supporters on what is left of CNN.

The participants are CNN host Don Lemon, “GOP strategist” Rick Wilson (now a GOP hater – but someone CNN can trot out to pretend they’re presenting both sides) and Wajahat Ali – who, in addition to being a regular on CNN, writes for The New York Times (which speaks volumes about what The Times has become).

See if you find it as amusing as they do:

This, evidently, passes for political discourse on CNN.  Ant it obviously is a laugh riot to Lemon, Wilson and Ali.

You may or may not find humor value there (I assure you I don’t).  But, regardless, it should tell you something very serious about what CNN has become.

And, yes, CNN still has the nerve to call itself “The most trusted name in news”.

Trusted?  News?  Do those words fit CNN – or any network that would air something like that, without, at the very least, a subsequent apology by the “news” host?

Your call.

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