Are you aware of the new curriculum proposed for California public school victims students?

I’ll put it this way:  if you hate cops, Israel and Jews in general, it will be a thick slice of heaven to you.

Excerpted from Shelby Talcott’s article for dailycaller.com:

A proposed California schools curriculum includes anti-Israel programming and also aims to teach students a one-sided view of police officers and police brutality.

The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, proposed by the California Department of Education, includes anti-Israel bias and aims to teach students about the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, a Palestinian-led anti-Israel initiative. The curriculum also has students study issues of police brutality and asks teachers to find incidents of bias by police in their own communities.

The teachers are asked to discuss “a recent incident in your community where an African American has been subjected to racial profiling or police brutality.” Students are then asked to read “41 Bullets Off-Broadway,” a poem by Wille Perdomo.

The poem includes rhetoric such as “you bumped into four cops who happened to/wake up with a bad case of contagious shooting” and “Before your mother kissed you goodbye/she forgot to tell you that American kids/get massacred in gym class and shot during Sunday sermon.”

“Arab American Studies” is another course outlined in the proposed curriculum. It provides “students with a comprehensive understanding of Arabs and Arab Americans.” Sample topics include “Direct Action Front for Palestine and Black Lives Matter” as well as “Call to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel.”

Some members of the committee which made the curriculum are BDS activists, the Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday. Three committee members have been known to make anti-Israel remarks, according to Jewish News Syndicate, which named Gaye Theresa Johnson, Theresa Montano and Samia Shoman.

There are no teachings in the 300-page curriculum on anti-Semitism or Jewish Americans.

This is not education.  It is indoctrination

Do I have to remind you that California education system, like everything else in the state, is dominated by Democrats? Those nice folks who attack Republicans for being purveyors of identity politics?

Let me end with a question for the “Lost Tribe” – i. e.  the ones who claim to support Israel but manage to overlook/rationalize every attack on Israel and Jews…as long as it comes from Democrats:  does this finally reach your limit?

As for the ones who have convinced themselves that all cops are racist murderers and there are no Blzck perps, only victims?  I have about as much  hope for you as I have for the Lost Tribe.

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