How long has Joe Biden been plagiarizing/exaggerating/lying to our faces?

Please click here and watch a video from the late 1980’s – it runs 4:52 – loaded with answers to that question.

And when you’re through, please think about the ensuing 30+ years, and try to come up with a thing that Joe Biden has done for anyone.

I’m not asking what he’s promised to do, and I’m not asking for one of his many “I’m the guy who…” recitals, all of which end with something he might have supported or co-sponsored, but didn’t personally accomplish.

If there is an emptier suit in Washington D.C. – someone who can match Joe Biden’s 44 years of nothing – do let me know that person’s name, and I’ll write a blog about him/her within 24 hours.

But, truth be told, knowing who and what Joe Biden is, I don’t expect I’ll have to do so.

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  • If the Corporate Media [CM] reported even a fraction of the Biden negatives, he would have no chance of winning. Heck, even if they just reported the truth about everything, Trump would win in a landslide. It can not be legal what the CM are doing and if it is it shouldn’t be.

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