Today\’s quote comes to us from Melissa Harris-Perry, the far-left host of a weekend show on (where else?) MSNBC.

This is her wit and wisdom about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman confrontation, spoken yesterday to an at least somewhat appreciative audience at Cornell University:

“Ihope [Martin] tried to stay alive. I hope he knew that he lived in astate with a \’Stand Your Ground\’ law. And I hope he whooped theshit out of George Zimmerman. And it\’s not disreputable because heencountered a stranger who was prepared to kill him, and you know howI know? Because he killed him.”

Can Melissa Harris-Perry possibly be that stupid, or so impossibly indoctrinated that facts mean nothing to her?

My opinion:  she is not at all stupid.

In case you have forgotten, eye witness testimony had Trayvon Martin attacking George Zimmerman; on top of him pummeling his head to the ground when Zimmerman shot – a reality that was further substantiated by the lacerations on the back of Zimmerman\’s head. 

In other words, Ms. Harris-Perry, you got your wish.  Trayvon Martin was whooping the shit out of George Zimmerman. 

And that is why he is dead today.  Happy?

I award Melissa Harris-Perry Quote Of The Day honors for showing us how completely an agenda can warp someone\’s ability to think and talk rationally…

…though I doubt you needed me to remind of her capacity to be irrational, given that this is the same Melissa Harris-Perry who actually asked the Attorney General of the United States if he would quack like a duck.

Gee, Melissa:  maybe if Trayvon had just said “Quack quack quack” he\’d be alive today.

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