What kind of a deal can the United States possibly hope to make with Iran?

Well, maybe Iran\’s attitude toward the USA might give us a hint.

From Robert Midgely\’s article at London\’s Daily Telegraph (What?  Do you think our media would be reporting something like this?):

Iranianstate television has broadcast footage showing military drills whichtarget a replica of a US aircraft carrier.

Videoappears to show missiles being fired from the coast and speedboatsstriking the vessel.

Theexercises, which also included the shooting down of a drone andplanting undersea mines, were the first to involve a replica of a USaircraft carrier.

GeneralMohammad Ali Jafari, Chief commander of Iran\’s Revolutionary Guarddescribed the “problem” of “extraterritorial enemies”,referring to the United States.

Thedrill, called Great Prophet 9, was held near the Strait of Hormuz,through which one fifth of the world\’s oil passes.

What does it tell you that Iran – in the middle of sensitive negotiations with the USA regarding its ability to have nuclear capability – would intentionally use a replica of a US aircraft carrier in a seek-and-destroy exercise?

Does it give you any confidence that Iran gives a damn about the kind of deal Barack Obama and John Kerry cut with them?  Or does it tell you, as clear as glass, that Iran is 100% unconcerned about what we think or do – at least as long as Obama and Kerry are in charge – and will proceed as if, regardless of any deal, it doesn\’t have to answer to us at all?

Isn\’t this the same Obama and Kerry who are moving heaven and earth to prevent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking to a joint session of congress — during which he will warn about Iran\’s intentions?

To summarize: 

-Iran can practice attacking and destroying a US aircraft carrier right in front of Obama and Kerry\’s faces and the negotiations continue without a hitch. 

-Israel, which Iran is committed to wiping off the face of the map and – at least until the Obama era – has been a staunch valued ally of the United States, cannot have its Prime Minister speak before congress to explain why it is a bad idea to make deals with Iran.

Less than two more years of this nightmare.  I hope western civilization can survive it.

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