Rahm Emanuel is a former White House chief of staff – for Chicago\’s adopted favorite son Barack Obama.  He is a four term congressperson.  And he is a Democrat Mayor of Chicago who has Mr. Obama\’s blessing

So how could he possibly be forced into a primary runoff?

By being insufficiently progressive enough and insufficiently obsequious enough to the teachers union to get a majority of Democrat votes, that\’s how.

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, who was a household name – in the Garcia household that is, and not very many other places – will compete with Emanuel in a runoff election on April 7th. 

How vulnerable is Mayor Emanuel? Personally, I think that if the Chicago Teachers Union\’s President, Karen Lewis, had not dropped out of the race due to a cancerous brain tumor (I wish her a full recovery, of course), she would be the nominee this morning.

How viable is Garcia\’s candidacy?  Well, he got 34% of the vote, while Emanuel – a universally-known incumbent who outspent him by 10 to 1 – got just 45%.  The runoff will be a two-person race, and Garcia will have far more name recognition than he did in the primary; maybe a lot more money too.  That makes him a serious threat to win. 

And let\’s remember that, in Chicago, winning the Democrat nomination for Mayor is tantamount to winning the Mayoralty.  The last time a Republican won anything significant in Chicago, Methusaleh was breast-feeding.

The runoff will be held on April 7th – just six weeks from now.  What an interesting six weeks they will be.

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