Robert McDonald is our Secretary of Veterans Affairs. 

Sec. McDonald is a West Point graduate and served in the 82nd Airborne division, rising to the level of Captain before retiring from the service and eventually becoming the CEO of Procter & Gamble.

On January 30th, while accompanied by a CBS news crew with cameras and recording devices on, he briefly spoke to a homeless man, who said he had been in special forces.  McDonald told the man that he had been in special forces too – which he had not.

And, for some reason, mainstream media has decided to make a big deal out of it – spending day after day with stories that no doubt embarrass Robert McDonald for his comment.

Was McDonald\’s comment due to an accidental lapse in memory (he did graduate Ranger school, but did not actually serve in special forces)?  Quite possibly.

Was it a little white lie, meant to meant to commiserate with a down-and-out fellow veteran?  Quite possibly.

Was it an intentional lie designed to make himself look good?  Possibly, but probably not:  with a West Point degree, a Captain\’s rank and having headed a major corporation, Mr. McDonald hardly has to inflate his background.

Most importantly:  was it so big a deal that mainstream media – the same mainstream media that do their level best to bury significant scandals (Benghazi and the IRS inquisition to name just a couple) – had to skewer this estimable man for it?

As someone who has no problem criticizing the Obama administration and its appointees, let me say that this is absolutely ridiculous.  It is a one, maybe two day “in other news” – quality story that does not deserve even a fraction of the coverage it is getting.

My advice to our collective media venues?  Lay off of Secretary McDonald and let him do his job.  He\’s got plenty to look after without having to deal with an inflated issue like this one.  And, to say the least, so do you.

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