How does Israel find itself in an alliance – temporary, I assure you – with Saudi Arabia, the wahabi Islam capital of the planet?

A common enemy, that\’s how.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Saudi Arabia is floating the idea of allowing use of its air space for Israel to attack Iran.  The price?  Israel has to promise that it will try to make progress in a peaceful settlement with Palestinian Arabs – which sounds suspiciously like nothing more than a vague pretext which can be used to explain the Saudis\’ “accommodation” with Israel to other Arab states.

 (I put the word accommodation in quotation marks, because it isn\’t really an accommodation at all.  Since the Saudis are every bit as fearful of Iran as Israel, it is a chance for them to get the benefit of an Israeli strike without having to lift a finger.)

The J-Post article goes on to point out that Saudi Arabia is not the only Middle East Arab state worried about Iran gaining nuclear capability…thus, presumably, not the only Middle East Arab state which would not mind at all if Israel decimated the nuclear facilities there.

And if that were to happen?  Then Israel would be the one condemned at the United Nations – most probably joined  (at least publicly) by the Arab-state beneficiaries cited above – who, in the absence of the Iran nuclear issue, could then go back to hating Israel and rooting for its demise.  In other word, back to business as usual.

Like I said:  common enemies make strange bedfellows.

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