ESPN, one of the remaining cable venues still willing to put up with Keith Olbermann, has suspended him for the rest of the week because of some nasty, sarcastic tweets he tossed at Penn State students.

You can read the exchanges by clicking here.

I have to wonder what, exactly, ESPN thought it was getting with Olberman.  Didn\’t his experiences at Fox, and MSNBC, and the late, unlamented Current TV, tell them something?

Keith Olbermann is an extremely intelligent, extremely articulate, extremely knowledgeable…and extremely obnoxious, extremely insulting pain in the anal cavity.  The folks at ESPN didn\’t know that?  That\’s like not knowing that Derek Jeter was liked by Yankee fans.

Well, he\’s gone from ESPN for the rest of the week.  And, if history is any indicator, the game clock is again ticking on his tenure at a cable venue.  I\’d say midway through the fourth quarter, with little chance of overtime.

For whatever it is worth, I offer Keith Olbermann a guest editorial here, on any subject he cares to delve into – including what he thinks of me.  I guarantee no censorship of any kind…only a possible rebuttal on a separate blog.

I concede writing something here is a major downgrade from where Olbermann has been.  But, hey, I figure he\’s running out of alternatives.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

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