Did you hear that there were 90 random abductions in Syria? 

According to Suleiman Al-Khalidi\’s article at Reuters:

IslamicState militants have abducted at least 90 people from AssyrianChristian villages in northeastern Syria, a monitoring group trackingviolence in Syria said on Tuesday.

TheBritish-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said they carriedout dawn raids on rural villages inhabited by the ancient Christianminority west of Hasaka, a city mainly held by the Kurds.

And what a coincidence that they all are Christian. 

Hey, why are you looking that way?  What\’s wrong with you?  Of course it is a coincidence  It must be, since we all know that ISIS doesn\’t base its actions on religious grounds;  no less an authority than President Obama told us so. 

Don\’t you remember that random attack on a kosher grocery in Paris, which occurred Friday afternoon – exactly the time it would be crowded with shoppers preparing for Shabbos, the Jewish Sabbath, which started at sundown?  Wasn\’t that a coincidence too?

On the other hand, maybe it\’s just an inadvertent mix-up.  I mean, since President Obama calls it ISIL instead of ISIS, it could be that he thinks these are different people; nice people who would never impose their Islamic beliefs on anyone else, or use Islam as the basis for murdering people in the most gruesome ways they can think of.

Say, I have an idea. 

How about if President Obama stops trying to sound smarter than everyone else by calling it ISIL instead of ISIS – the way he tries to sound smarter than everyone else by pronouncing it TAHL-ee-bohn instead of taliban, stop pretending that radical Islamic groups are neither radical nor Islamic, and start worrying more about doing something to stop them, than flaunting his self-perceived intellectual superiority?

Wasn\’t ISIS the group Mr. Obama sneeringly referred to as a “jayvee squad” just one year ago?  Isn\’t the sad reality that, in fact, ISIS has shown the world the jayvee squad is Obama & Co. instead?  And aren\’t people are dying because lying about the strength of radical Islam instead of acting against it has caused ISIS, al qaeda, etc. to become hugely powerful and concomitantly more murderous?

Less than two years of this nightmare to go.  I count the seconds.

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