Today’s quote comes to us from Johan Hassel, the international secretary for Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats.

Secretary Hassel was, for some reason, in Iowa before the caucuses took place (by the way – believe it or not – they’re still counting to try and figure out the final results).  While there, he went to a Bernie Sanders event.

Here, pulled from Peter Weber’s article at, was his evaluation:

“It was like being at a Left Party meeting.  It was a mixture of very young people and old Marxists, who think they were right all along. There were no ordinary people there, simply.”

This is interesting for several reasons – none the least of which is that Bernie Sanders touts himself as a Socialist Democrat, and his supporters try to convince us Sanders’ brand of “socialism” is actually pretty benign, sort of like the way things are in Sweden.

I award Johan Hassel Quote Of The Day honors for making ground beef of that bogus claim.

Oh, one other thing – silly, but I’ll mention it anyway.

I spent a little time this morning thinking about who Bernie Sanders reminds me of, with his hunched-over-the-podium demeanor that suddenly morphs into bug-eyed animation with herky-jerky motions in every direction.

Then I realized:  it was Judge Doom, from the movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, played by the great Christopher Lloyd; specifically the part where he is exposed as a toon.

For this reason, though I do not support Senator Sanders for either the Democrat nomination or the presidency, I pledge to send $10 to his campaign if he will look up with those bug-eyes, thrust his head forward, and yell “Remember ME, Eddie?  I’m the one who KILLED YOUR BROTHER!!!!!”

You do it, Bernie, and I send the money.


  • Still counting in Iowa possibly with advice from the Al-Gore campaign devotees from Florida Nov. 2000! Bernie acts like a carnival barker from the 50s. Cuppa-Joe is just about out of caffeine and hopefully will jump into the Potomac River this Spring. Pete Buttigieg, what can he contribute to the decline of presidential candidacy but another Democrat first; an openly male gay person who will not segregate morality and integrity from sexual choice. Will that require a special wing in the White house? How much further can the trashcan be kicked down Pennsylvania Avenue? How much degenerate conduct is enough for one political party to push into American culture and history? Are we paying attention to America’s legacy?

  • It seems to me that Mr. Johan Hassel has forgotten was socialism truly is because in every society there are similar social issues but not same. Moreover, Mr. Hassel says that Bernie Sanders sounds like the left of his party in Sweden and that ticks him and it is understandable because that means that he is a democrat here in the US and that tick me. However, if Bernie is at left in Sweden that means that he will probably win over there too because Mr. Hassel party represent the establishment and the people is fed up with them too. Perhaps they need a savior like Bernie Sander in Sweden like we need one here in USA.

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