PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TWO-ISSUE OPPORTUNITY, a decidedly left-veering/anti-Trump website, is hardly the place President Trump might be likely to find encouraging news about next year’s election.

But though, I am sure, he was not meaning to provide such news, Ben White’s latest commentary for has done so.

Here are its opening paragraphs:

President Donald Trump needs two big achievements to keep markets and the economy as glittering assets in his challenging 2020 reelection bid: passage of a new NAFTA and a trade deal with China.

But Democrats are stringing him along on the first — the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement — and he’s engaged in a seemingly endless rope-a-dope with China on the second with no guarantee of success. That’s left the economy as a major wild card for next year.

 I certainly agree that those are two major issues, and that Democrats are doing what Mr. White says they are.

But, if utilized effectively, both will be beneficial to Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign no matter how things turn out.

Let’s take them one by one:


The U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA), which would dramatically upgrade the awful NAFTA deal currently in place, has been ruminating in the House of Representatives for a year now.  Why?  Because Nancy Pelosi has not brought it to the floor for a vote.

And now, with an election year looming,  its passage would be a major plus for President Trump… and a major problem for Democrats who would then have to explain why it hadn’t been passed already.

If it is put up for a vote,  therefore, Trump nets a major election year economic victory. If Ms. Pelosi continues to withhold the vote, Democrats will be blamed for preventing a major boost to our economy.

Politically, this is a win-win situation for President Trump.

China Trade Deal

 The China trade deal is obviously a thorny issue, because until and unless it is consummated in some form, a credible argument can be made that it hurts our economy.

 There is a strong likelihood that one of the key reasons China is holding off – and taking a huge economic hit in the process – is the hope that Democrats will unseat President Trump in 2020 and the incoming Democrat President will be more congenial to keeping things the way they were.

 That is exactly what President Trump should be campaigning on.

Doing so puts Democrats on the spot, by forcing them to take a position on the China trade issue.

If Democrats assure the country they are on board with a better trade deal, China no longer has an incentive to wait for the election to take place… and might cut their losses by coming to an agreement more congenial to U.S. interests.

But if Democrats oppose President Trump’s China gambit, they can be positioned as intentionally stifling the economy in an election year.

Politically, this is a win-win situation for President Trump.

 Will Republicans be savvy enough to understand and exploit these two issues?  Them being Republicans, that is a very iffy proposition.

But the fact remains that an effective use of both issues can benefit Mr. Trump and the Republican party regardless of how they play out.

Let’s sit back and see what happens.   I assure you it won’t be boring..


  • I wrote this comment yesterday.

    Trump should have the OMB or whatever agency figures out monetary policies to find out how much the USA has lost because Pelosi stalled the new nafta agreement. I think voters might like to see in dollars and cents what this pathetic House has been doing. Or not doing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. That is exactly the kind of strategy I’m talking about. Passing USMCA is a feather in Trump’s cap. Pointing out that Democrats are the ones preventing its passage is damaging to them, thus also a plus for Trump. It’s literally a heads I win/tails you lose situation.

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