This one is for any poor benighted soul who actually believes the Democrat talking point that Donald Trump in any way is deferential to Vladimir Putin.

Excerpted from Thomas Grove’s article for the Wall Street Journal:

The biggest protest movement in Moscow in years has gripped the capital in recent weeks as loyalty to Mr. Putin has been waning among Russians who have seen their living standards slip under the weight of chronic economic problems and Western sanctions…approximately 50,000 people had joined the authorized march that took place behind police cordons with hundreds of armored riot police looking on.

Demonstrations have been held weekly since July…

 Western sanctions, eh?

Who do you suppose put those sanctions into place?

And who do you suppose aggressively boomed up his country’s domestic oil production, which put a major hit on Putin’s single most important source of revenue?

Bottom line:  if Donald Trump is deferring to Vladimir Putin, he sure has a funny way of doing it.

Of all the talking points used against Mr. Trump, this may be the single dumbest one of them.

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