I went to your family and asked them for you,
They all said take her, oh take her, please do

After learning that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio is announcing a presidential run – which, if successful, would of course end his term as Mayor – I read this article by David Marcus, writing for thefederalist.com describing his reaction to this news.  It immediately reminded me of the above lyrics from Woody Guthrie’s classic folk song, “So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You”.

Here are his first and last paragraphs…which should tell you why:

I want Bill de Blasio to win the 2020 presidential election. It may sound strange that a conservative pundit at a conservative outlet would hold such a position, but hear me out. America, New York City needs you. As he announces his candidacy today, I wholeheartedly endorse Bill de Blasio for president of United States, because if he wins then he can’t be mayor of New York City anymore. Not for nothing, that’s kind of my bottom-line issue at the moment.

America, will you please take our mayor? You’d be doing us a really big favor. Please join us in this. Please make Bill de Blasio the next president of the United States. He can do less damage there, I promise.

In between these paragraphs, Mr. Marcus has put together a very amusingly written (in a dark way) compendium of his reasons for feeling this way.

Really good reading, that also makes a bunch of serious points.  Enjoy.

(One additional note:  The Weavers – whose politics, I assure you, were very much in concert with Mayor De Blasio’s – did the single best version of this song ever made. Click here and see if you agree – and please ignore the completely-out-of-character formal clothes they’re wearing;  that was their concession to performing on TV…which they regretted and spent years apologizing for).

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