As you may NOT be aware, since mainstream media are doing their best to suppress it…

… Today the United States Senate will vote on the “The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”.

This act, brought to the floor by Senator Ben Sasse, states that if a child survives an abortion attempt by its mother – i.e. it is born alive – the child will receive all rights and protections that any other human being is legally entitled to.

In other words, if a child is born alive despite the mother’s best efforts to prevent it’s from doing so,  he/she will be afforded the same right to life as any other living child. There is no legal option to kill the child because the mother unsuccessfully tried to do so before he/she was out of the womb.

Simply stated, every senator who votes for this bill is voting against infanticide.  And every senator who votes against this bill is voting in favor of infanticide…  Period.

…just as Barack Obama voted  in favor of infanticide when, as an Illinois state senator, he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA).

I will be sure to let you know how this vote comes out;  which senators vote for it and which senators vote against it.

And I will also be sure to tell you how much mainstream media coverage the vote gets.

You should know.

UPDATE:  Democrats have killed this bill, by disallowing it from coming to a vote.

According to an article at the Catholic News Agency (NOT mainstream media, which are determined to suppress it) cloture was defeated by 53-44 – almost entirely along party lines, with only three Democrats voting in favor of bringing it to the floor:   Joe Manchin (WV), Bob Casey (PA) and Doug Jones (AL).

Have they really sunk so low that infanticide is a partisan issue to them?  That they are afraid to oppose infanticide for fear of antagonizing the abortion industry?

If that isn’t the reason, you tell me what is.

And you tell me why every senator that voted to block this from coming to the floor should not be held fully accountable in his/her next election.


  • “My body, my choice” denies science:
    A person does not have two types of DNA
    A person does not have two beating hearts
    A person does not have two heads
    A person does not have 20 fingers and 20 toes
    When a woman is pregnant, there is another person inside her body.

    — Live Action (@LiveAction) February 25, 2019

  • Maybe Abraham Lincoln is right “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” It bothers me that the same political reprobates are dragging us back to the 1860s. Before then life has always been a choice but when Cain killed Abel the roots of planned genocide were born. I remember a doctor in the 1970s telling me the ganglion in my wrist was tumor and a pregnancy is a like that. So I found another doctor about the time my Wife was carrying our first tumor, oh I mean Son! We Americans need to oppose the obvious degeneration around us for our posterity. Yes we used to call the problem morality and even sin but now we sublimate and seek more pills. The only potential benefit of abortion is the systematic elimination of more reprobate reproduction. It is however till premeditated murder.

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