Definition of an MSNBC bipartisan panel:  Democrats who hate Trump’s guts and Republicans who hate Trump’s guts.

In the case of MSNBC’s “Deadline:  White House” show, the Trump-hating Republicans were host Nicolle Wallace and panelist Michael Steele.

I was particularly intrigued by the following comment Ms. Wallace made – which, not surprisingly, generated no disagreement from anyone on the show:

“Even being a critic of Donald Trump, it doesn’t feel good to see him fail these tests, it doesn’t feel good to see him fail, to see him tweet about an actor who did something inane, but fail to speak out about a domestic terrorist who sought to kill journalists and politicians”

That so, Ms. Wallace?  Just some actor who did something inane?

Is that why every news medium in this country – your NBC and MSNBC 100% included – did lead-story reporting of that “actor” (jussie smollett) and his “inane” behavior for the last three weeks — until it turned out that his claim of being terrorized by pro-Trump White men making racial and homophobic slurs as they beat, poured bleach over and tried to hang the actor was a complete hoax?

Do you have similarly harsh words for your network?  Or for all the other networks, newspapers, websites, etc. that obsessed on smollett since late January?  Funny, I didn’t catch it in your screed.

This, folks, is what passes for neutrality on MSNBC.

Simply stated, it ain’t.

One last thing – this one in support of part of Wallace’s statement:  it is now almost a day after that “briefing”, and still no statement from President Trump about hasson.

What is he thinking?  Why wouldn’t he go after this sick hater?  Why is he giving the people who hate him such an obvious “see, I told you so” opportunity.

Sometimes I wonder whether President Trump has bad instincts on situations like this, or no instincts at all.



  • Ken, you missed an even more sickening and degenerate part, Steele said Trump must be disappointed they caught the is alleged to be white supremacist Hasson.

  • Ken, an excellent VDH essay I want to make sure you don’t miss.
    First a little taste. 🙂
    Never before in the history of the presidency had a commander in chief earned the antipathy of the vast majority of the media, much of the career establishments of both political parties, the majority of the holders of the nation’s accumulated personal wealth, and the permanent federal bureaucracy.

    And lived to tell the tale.

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