Do you know who Jackson Cosko is?

If you rely on ABC, NBC or CBS for your news, the answer is almost certainly no.  Because, as detailed in Nicholas Fondacaro’s article for, the three “major networks” have provided virtually no coverage about who he is and what he has done…

…just as all three completely ignored the following information, which was broadcast last night on Brett Baier’s report for Fox News Channel:

A former staff member for Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is still in jail tonight. Bail was denied this afternoon for Jackson Cosko. He’s accused of committing several felonies including the release of personal information about Republican Senators on the internet. He’s also accused of threatening a witness, unlawfully accessing a government computer, and burglary of a senatorial office. He has pleaded ‘not guilty’.

Would you consider it newsworthy that a staffer for a high profile member of the House of Representatives was arrested and jailed for a series of politically-inspired felonies?

If so, you certainly have a different opinion than what passes for the news departments at ABC, NBC and CBS.

Do you think they would have suppressed news of the same behavior from a staff member for, say, Devin Nunes, or another similarly high-profile Republicans House member?

Me neither.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

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  • I’m starting think Trump was right when he said the FCC should look into the licensing for these media companies.
    This is very serious, a conspiracy to fool the public and control the government is not a little thing.

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