The Trump “investigation”: naked threats division

National Enquirer CEO David Pecker and Trump Organization CFO Andrew Weisselberg have both been granted immunity by the mueller “investigation”, presumably so that ifithey have anything on President Trump, they will spill it.

Do they? And, if so, has it anything at all to do with Russian collusion or obstruction of justice, which is what mueller and his staff/assemblage of Democrat donors is supposed to be looking into?

Or is it a case of naked threats being made against them – something along the lines of “we got Manafort, we got Cohen, and unless you give us something on Trump we’ll get something on you too?

Is this the country we have become? Is it the country you want us to become?

If your hatred of Trump is so great that the answer to both questions is yes, answer one more: will you feel the same way when, based on the precedent being set, it is done to the other side: the side you are rooting for?

That is well worth thinking about.

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