If you’re out to get Donald Trump at all costs, you stay on top of a “collusion with foreign nationals to affect the election” story, even when, after two years of scouring every nook and cranny, no one has one bit of evidence to support.

If you’re out to protect the Hillary Clinton and the Democrat deep state at all costs, you ignore an Everest-sized mountain of evidence that “collusion with foreign nationals to affect the election” collusion ever took place.

Here is the latest example, via excerpts from Chuck Ross’s article for”:

Dossier author Christopher Steele told Justice Department official Bruce Ohr after James Comey’s firing last year that he was “afraid they will be exposed.”

The text message is part of a trove of emails, text messages and handwritten notes that the Justice Department has provided to Congress as part of an investigation into the government’s handling of the Steele dossier.

Justice Department documents given to Congress show that Steele and Ohr were in contact all throughout 2016 and 2017, though Ohr’s involvement was not revealed until December. Following a report from Fox News on Ohr’s contacts with Steele and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, he was demoted as assistant deputy attorney general at the Justice Department

There is no doubt that christopher steele, a foreign national, was paid millions of dollars by the Clinton campaign, through its law firm, to get dirt on Donald Trump.

There is no doubt that virtually all steele’s sources were Russian nationals.

There is no doubt that the dossier was used as a major component, maybe the major component, to get a FISA warrant which started mueller bogus (all-Democrat) “investigation”.

And there is massive evidence that deep-staters who wanted Clinton to win, such as peter strzok, lisa page, james comey, bruce ohr (along with his wife, nellie, who worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research team gathering this information on Clinton’s behalf), john brennan, and a good many others, worked in concert with the Clinton people.

But where are mainstream media in reporting this?  How is it possible that media, supposedly invested in rooting out election collusion, would ignore/suppress/bury tons of actual evidence about it?

The one and only answer that makes any sense is that most mainstream media act as adjuncts to the Democrat Party.

They looked the other way as evidence came into focus.  They looked the other way as it grew.  And now that the evidence is massive, pervasive and undeniable, they are in so deep – i.e. they would have to explain so much about why they ignored it over the past year and a half – that, even if they wanted to come clean they don’t know how to dig themselves out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The people who have stayed on top of this singular corruption of the electoral process and singular effort to unseat an elected President – the most egregious example I know of in American history – deserve Pulitzer prizes.  Prizes they will never get.

I’m talking about people like Sean Hannity.  Sara Carter.  John Solomon.  Andrew McCarthy. And others who, in the face of unbelievably dishonest media “coverage” have persevered over this period of time.

I can only hope that someday, whether out of a belated sense of honor or sheer embarrassment, some of them come around.

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  • Russian Collusion ?

    Of course there was collusion with Russia. Old News.

    The Russians gave Sec of State Clinton $145 million. Clinton gave Russia control over 20% of the US Uranium.

    The quid pro quo is quite clear

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