“I won’t ask why mainstream media have not been on top of this for months. Because we all know the answer – that a large percentage of those media have long since foregone objectivity and operate as adjuncts of the Democrat resistance.”

That quote comes from my blog, titled “Why Isn’t Lisa Page In Jail”, where I ask about both her and her boyfriend/fellow conspirator, peter strzok.

Well, I can now report that at least one such media source has talked honestly about this.  And, in a strange quirk of fate, as a child he often spent time at our backyard neighbor’s house (I won’t give away more than that, but if he contacts me I’ll be happy to explain).

In the words of CNN’s Political Director, David Chalian:

“Strzok’s mission today is try to walk this line of ‘I have personal political views, it didn’t impact my work at all.  That may be true, but when he says that those texts, quote, ‘not indicative of bias’ – that’s just flat wrong on its face. It is indicative of bias.”

peter srzok is a liar.  And not a very good one…though his arrogant tone and body language communicate to me he doesn’t think he has to be.

Maybe a few more salient comments from people like David Chalian will disabuse him of that arrogance.

I doubt there’ll be much of it….but, hey, you never know.

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