A plea to/for hillary clinton

Dear God..


When will this classic pain in the rear end stop whining and just go away?

From Bradford Betz’s article at Fox News”:

Blame it on the bullies?

In a surprise appearance Friday, Hillary Clinton delivered a commencement address to graduates of San Francisco’s exclusive Hamlin School.

Media reports said Secret Service personnel whisked the former Democratic presidential nominee and U.S. secretary of state into the all-girls private school — where tuition is $34,500 per year.

“Tuition includes lunch and snack,” the school’s website says.


Good grief.

Yeah, yeah, we know, you’ve been bullied and mistreated throughout your entire life.  And it’s all because you are a woman, of course.  Speaking for myself, and men everywhere, I apologize profusely.

Now can you please take your perpetually victimized self and go somewhere far, far away, where we don’t have to hear this anymore?

Thank you.

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