Why democrats must get rid of Nancy Pelosi

The Q&A you are about to read is real. It occurred on Thursday.

Take a good look, and see why Democrats must, and I do mean must, get rid of Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.  Maybe get her to retire from Congress altogether.

QUESTION: The unemployment rate in May was 3.8%, the lowest it has been in 18 years. Is that a good thing?

REP. NANCY PELOSI: Well, as I said, the unemployment rate is one indication. The — the fact is — and this — this has happened before — that people say, “Oh my goodness, that — people saying the unemployment rate is down. Why isn’t my purchasing power increasing?”

So this isn’t just about the unemployment rate. It’s about raising — wages rising in our country so that consumer confidence is restored. Because our economy will never fully reach its possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence.

And that can only be increased by a better deal, better jobs, better wages, better future, and lowering costs to families, whether it’s prescription drugs — by really lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and that list goes on.

The — this is one unusual time, and I follow it closely, where the unemployment rate is down but the dependence on subsidies — whether it’s food insecurity, housing subsidies and the rest — has not gone down because of the wage stagnation.

So in terms of the financial stability of America’s working families, unless we have an increase — a very significant increase in wages and bigger paychecks, we are going to increase the frustration of America’s families because they’ll be saying, “Hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me in my life? I need a bigger paycheck.”

And that’s the apprehension that American families have had for a while and continue to have and that we must address.

So when we’re — when we’re talking about this, it’s not to increase more jobs so we can subsidize more low-paying jobs by public investment in housing support and food support and the list goes on, but to have living wages. Justice: economic justice, social justice, justice is a very important value that America has.



No, just Nancy Pelosi talking like a complete  ignoramus again, and hoping, along with her fellow Democrats, that voters are even more ignorant –  enough so that they might buy into this pile of mung.

FYI: in addition to 3.8% unemployment (the last time it was lower was December, 1969), wages rose 2.7% in the past year and consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2000.

In other words, Nancy Pelosi is telling a country whose people, economically speaking, are very happy with what is going on since Donald Trump became president, that nothing his presidency has produced for them over this year should make them happy at all.

Add to this her insulting, demeaning, insult about the tax legislation leaving them with nothing but crumbs, and what do you have?  Electoral disaster, that’s what.

Look, I don’t mean to be cruel here.   But based on these and other comments Ms. Pelosi has made over recent months, it seems more than evident to me that Nancy Pelosi is not just performing the usual childish partisan gamesmanship  political hacks on both sides of the aisle are famous for.  I honestly believe Ms. Pelosi is significantly diminished;  that her intellectual acuity is not what it used to be.  Not even close.

If Democrats find a way to remove her, in as gentle, inoffensive a way as possible, they not only get rid of somebody who is saying things almost guaranteed to resonate negatively with voters, but they can then try to minimize the damage Ms. Pelosi’s comments have caused by suggesting – again, as gently as possible – that her comments should be taken with compassion rather than disdain.

Either way, Nancy Pelosi must go if Democrats want to maximize their chances to do well in the 2018 midterm elections.

I wonder if they are savvy enough to realize this.

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  • They edit those transcripts pretty good.

    Maybe now we know why politicians in Washington, D.C. can’t seem to get a handle on the national debt: They struggle with simple math.

    During her weekly press conference today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi froze as she attempted to do a simple math problem in her head


    Pelosi suffered her usual brain freezes and face spasms.

    After having trouble saying “prescription drug prices,” she confused the debt with the deficit.

    “The president was going to reduce the debt, the Republicans were going to reduce the deficit, reduce the national debt,” she said.

    “The Republicans are meeting on immigration,” she said moments later, calling illegal immigrants “patriotic,” continuing, “Lord knows what will come out of that — hopefully the Lord knows,” throwing her hands into the air.

    “We’re been praying very hard on it.”

    Then she had trouble with numbers.

    Believing Democrats will be successful in the November elections, she said she’d like to “also point out the intensity factor that is out there. Democrats are maybe 15 points, something like 63 to, um,” she said trailing off and staring at reporters.

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