The iran “deal” media coverage follow-up

In the previous blog I wondered how our mainstream media would address the newly discovered information about how President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have given away the store to terrorist Iran, so they could take credit for making a “deal”.

Well,now we know, via the following excerpt from Nicholas Fondacara’s article at

According to a new Senate committee report out Wednesday, not only did the Obama administration give Iran tens of billions of dollars in seized assets through the nuclear deal but they also sought to facilitate the transfer of roughly $6 billion from Oman to Iran’s radical Islamic regime.

Despite the report showing how the Obama administration lied in congressional oversight hearings about the access it would allow Iran, the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) along with Spanish-language outlets Telemundo and Univision completely ignored the bombshell during their evening newscasts.

Surprised?  I hope not.

Disgusted?  I hope so.

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