Today’s paragraphs come to us from one of the iconic Black conservatives our media love to ignore as if they did not exist:  writer, commentator and educator, Walter Williams.

Mr. Williams’ latest column dicusses Kanye West’s recent declaration that he is a Trump supporter, and how catastrophic it would be for  the Democrat Party if even a relatively small number of  other Black voters followed suit.

This, says Mr. Williams, necessitates keeping Black people ignorant of how they fare under Democrat governance.

His key paragraphs:

Keeping blacks blind to the folly of unquestioned support for the Democratic Party by keeping blacks fearful, angry, and resentful and painting the Republican Party as racist is vital. Democrats never want blacks to seriously ask questions about what the party has done for them.

Here are some facts. The nation’s most troublesome and dangerous cities—Indianapolis, Stockton, Oakland, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City, Baltimore, Memphis, St. Louis, and Detroit—have been run by Democrats, often black Democrats, for nearly a half-century. These and other Democratic-run cities are where blacks suffer the highest murder rates and their youngsters attend the poorest-performing and most unsafe schools.

Democrats could never afford for a large number of black people to observe, “We’ve been putting you in charge of our cities for decades. We even put a black Democrat in the White House. And what has it meant for us? Plus, the president you told us to hate has our unemployment rate near a record low.”

It turns out that it’s black votes that count more to black and white politicians than black well-being, black academic excellence, and black lives. As for black politicians and civil rights leaders, if they’re going to sell their people down the river to keep Democrats in power, they ought to demand a higher price.

Well said.  Beautifully said, in fact.  And right on target… which is why Walter Williams wins Paragraphs Of The Day honors.

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