Today’s quote comes to us from Broward County Sheriff scott israel,  who trained and oversaw a department which ignored  ongoing warnings about the violent tendencies of nikolas cruz and whose deputies, either through dereliction of duty, cowardice or both, did not go into Parkland High School when cruz was slaughtering and injuring dozens of its students.

Whose fault was this?  Says israel:

“Deputies make mistakes.  Police officers make mistakes. But it’s not the responsibility of a general or the president if you have a deserter.  You don’t measure a person’s leadership by a deputy not going in.”

“I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency.” 

Scott Israel wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for providing what may well be the single most egregious combination of dishonesty, arrogance, obtuseness, and self-promotion I have ever seen in my life.

The sooner this man is removed from office, the better off Broward County will be.

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