We are now up to 250 companies providing bonuses and /or raises to their employees, specifically due to the tax legislation passed by Donald Trump and Republicans last year.

From Paul Bedard’s article at the Washington Examiner:

With Home Depot and Starbucks moving to offer employees bonuses as a result of President Trump’s tax reform package, the total number of firms rewarding workers has reached 250, a jump of 525 percent in just two weeks.

The companies have credited the tax changes for plans to offer bonuses of up to $3,000, increases in retirement plans, wage hikes and even adoption benefits.

Add this enormous jump in the number of companies giving more money to their employees with the raises millions and millions will get in their paychecks next month, and what do you have?

You have a great many happy, appreciative workers.

And the reason for their happiness and appreciation lies exclusively with President Trump and Republicans, since not one single Democrat  voted to enact the tax legislation which put the money in their pockets.

Now, what are Democrats going to say about this?

Do they have the guts to try telling these people “Well, you shouldn’t be happy about this. Republicans screwed you because you would have gotten more if billionaires and corporations didn’t take so much of it”?

Trump and his fellow Republicans would salivate at that strategy. Their answer, of course would be “Your choice was to get bonuses and raises with us, or nothing with Democrats – because that’s what they voted you should get. Nothing. Which do you like more?”.

That pretty much ends the issue, doesn’t it?

For months we have been told that Democrats stand to make huge gains in the 2018 midterm elections. There was a time when I probably would have agreed with that assessment.

But now, in the great tradition of “it’s the economy, stupid”, this tax legislation and the fact that Republicans own it 100%, changes things. Dramatically.

Which side of the aisle would you like to campaign on in November?  The side that put money in millions and millions of workers’ pockets, or the side featuring demand that illegals get full rights and privileges?

End of story.

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