…and I was disconnected.  At their end, not mine – I had Delta on speaker and was not holding the phone.

Great job, guys.

I’m trying again.  I’ll update to tell you how it worked out this time.

UPDATE:  23 minutes on this second try…and still no answer.  Delta should change the name of this function to Customer Disservice.

FURTHER UPDATE:  We’re up to 30 minutes.  A half hour.  And no customer service representative on the line yet.  Incredible. And, from a consumer standpoint, a bad joke.  The only reason I’m sticking with this is to blog about what eventually will happen.  Absent that reason, I would have hung up in disgust long ago.

FINAL UPDATE:  After 35 minutes, I got an agent on the line.  She was very nice.  As for my opinion of Delta’s customer service, I don’t like to use the necessary language.

An obvious suggestion for Delta:  if the wait is going to be longer than, say, five minutes, shouldn’t callers be given an estimate?  Many companies provide this, so Delta certainly can as well.

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