Did you ever hear of Remy Munasifi?

I didn’t until today.  But I was made aware of the fact that he is a politically-infused comedian who, based on the video I’m posting below, likes to make mincemeat of pompous left wing icons.

This particular example takes Elizabeth Warren’s chicken little-like warning that changing ObamaCare will leave people to die and….well, it’s all of two minutes long, so why not watch it and see/hear for yourself:



Did you watch it?  Now you know why he has become an internet sensation.

Let me end with a few questions for the all-knowing Ms. Warren:

-If repealing, or significantly altering, ObamaCare will cause people to die, doesn’t that inherently mean that, until ObamaCare was implemented, people were dying at a higher rate?  Do you have any data to support that inherent “fact”?

-Since you yourself are a millionaire many times over (estimates  of your  net worth range as high as $14.5 million), when you rail against tax breaks for the rich aren’t you railing against yourself?

-And since you are railing about tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the rich, I would like to show you Pew Research’s chart, from 2014 (the most recent I could quickly find) on who pays the taxes…

Wealthy pay more in taxes than poor

…and ask you this question:  if “the wealthy” pay most of the taxes, who the bleep do you think would get most of the cuts if taxes are reduced?

It seems to me you are mixing up tax cuts with income redistribution; a subject near and dear to your heart, no doubt, but they are not the same thing.

In any event, that’s OK.  Your hard-line base loves you for it.

And, I would guess, so does Remy Munasifi.  After all, how many people are so willing to give him this kind of material to work with?

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