Fascinating exchange, this morning, between CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and former Republican Governor of New Hampshire, John Sununu – who, in his retirement from elective politics, has exactly zero patience for political BS.

Here, via Nick Givas’s article at,  is the video…

…and here’s a piece of key dialogue, which starts at about 1:10:

Sununu:  “The only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a veniality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the veniality that I should be concerned about is.” I don’t have, I have not identified a veniality.  Have you?

Camerota :  “Well, you should be concerned if there was collusion.

Sununu:  “I don’t see any evidence of collusion. Do you?”

Camerota:  “No.”

Sununu:  “OK, that should end your reporting right there.”  You should put an exclamation point after your “No”.

Camerota:  Understood, but we’re at the beginning of the investigation, so…

Sununu:  You’re seven months into the investigation….

And if you think what you just read is the end of Sununu’s  take-down of Camerota, you’ve got to see that video tape in its entirety.  He absolutely dismantles her – not with political blather, cleverness or subtlety, but with blunt, honestly stated common sense.

What a pleasure to hear someone talk this straightforwardly – and, by so doing, put the wood to a “reporter” pretending not to have an agenda when she – along with the cable news network she works for – so obviously does.

Great job, Governor.


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