Do you know that, at the G7 summit, President Trump, insultingly, did not listen to the English translation when Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni was speaking?

Well, if you do you’re not alone:  the whole rest of the world does as well, via this tweet from the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) diplomatic correspondent, James Landale:

“A short clip that sums up this G7 summit: look who has chosen not to hear a translation of his Italian host’s speech

That tweet was accompanied by a video clip showing that, when Mr. Gentiloni spoke, President Trump was the one and only head of state without headphones.

Wow.  Trump is so busted.


…the video showed Trump at an angle in which you could only see one of his ears; the left ear.

Here, for Mr. Landale’s viewing pleasure – as well as for the countless media venues which picked his tweet up and ran with it – is what he, and all the rest of them, would have seen if they bothered to look at Trump’s right ear.

It turns out that Mr. Trump prefers an earphone to a headphone.  And, yes, he was listening to Prime Minister Gentiloni just like everyone else was.

So what did Landale tweet after being told as much by Press Secretary Sean Spicer?  Did he apologize profusely.  Retract his original, obviously incorrect (not to mention sarcastic) comment?

Nope.  His response was:

White House says that Donald Trump wears an ear piece in his right ear for translation

White House says?  White House SAYS?????  As if there is any DOUBT????

That, folks, is a tweet from a twit.  A hopeless twit who cannot bring himself to acknowledge the fact that Trump was listening to Mr. Gentiloni even when there is visual proof of it – let alone apologize for putting out an accusation that was dead wrong.

Anyone still wondering why Donald Trump talks about “fake news”?

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