The Obamacare implosion continues.

From Amanda Schiavo’s article at

Obamacare insurer Anthem (ANTM) is said to be exiting “a high percentage” of the insurance regions where it is currently selling individual health plans. Should this happen millions of Obamacare customers and potential customers will be left with fewer choices in 2018, CNBC reports.


The analysis comes from a Jefferies report issued on Thursday and follows Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish’s warning from two months ago that the company would be deciding “whether or not we surgically extract ourselves from certain rating regions, or even on a larger scale, depending on the stability of the marketplace.”

As mainstream media continue to ridicule President Trump over the failure of TrumpCare so far, do you think they will give even a fraction of the attention to this latest demonstration that Obamacare is an unworkable monstrosity?

If so, you don’t know much about mainstream media.

Or their dedication to protecting Barack Obama and his signature legislation.

Or their capacity for hating Donald Trump.

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