Jew:  Where should we go?

Russian:  Don’t know.  Don’t go east, that’s for sure.  They hate you there…

…I wouldn’t go west either if I were you.

The above dialogue is from the end of the great movie “Schindler’s List”, when the just-liberated Jewish concentration camp survivors speak to a Russian soldier.

Surprisingly, the concept provided by that soldier has relevance for today’s Democrat Party.

From Caitlin Huey-Burns’ article at

The Trump administration, burned by its own party on its first major piece of legislation, has started to make a pitch for bipartisanship, suggesting the president is now interested in working across the aisle to secure votes on top agenda items such as tax reform.

But the interest is not mutual. And for now, at least, congressional Democrats see little incentive in working with President Trump, whose approval rating has declined further in recent days.

Instead, the GOP’s failure last week on its own health care bill has emboldened Democrats who unified against it. Even when it comes to the more traditionally bipartisan actions, such as approving a Supreme Court justice, Democrats are maintaining a hard line.

To summarize:

-The Democrats’ increasingly combative hard left, anti-accomodating line has, over the last four elections/eight years, resulted in their going from:

•control of the presidency, 60% of the senate, 60% of the house, two-thirds of the governorships and two-thirds of the statehouses, to

•loss of the presidency, 48% of the senate, 45% of the house, one-third of the governorships and less than one-third of the statehouses.

So being combatively hard-left/not working with Republicans was a bad idea.

-But now, based on one event, they are figuring that reversing field and being less combatively hard-left/more willing to work with Republicans is a bad idea too.

That’s your “Don’t go east…and don’t go west”, right there.

Hey, here’s an idea Democrats might want to consider:  when what you are doing has put you in a deep hole, it probably would be a good idea to DO SOMETHING ELSE.  Not to double down on what got you into the hole.

Too bad this advice, apparently, would be falling on deaf ears.

Too bad for Democrats, and too bad for people (like me) who prefer vibrant, multi-party governance.

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  • whose approval rating has declined further in recent days.

    I love how the left always through this line in no matter what they are talking about.
    If you need me to explain why, you haven’t been paying attention for the last 20 years.

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