Got a little motto,Always sees me through –

When you’re good to Hillary, Hillary’s good to you.

There’s a lot of favors, I’m prepared to do – 

You do one for Hillary, she’ll do one for you.

In its original incarnation, that song from the great Broadway hit, Chicago, was sung by prison matron Mama Morton.  But it fits Hillary so well that I thought I’d switch names and use it for her.

Here, excerpted from Richard Pollock’s article at dailycaller.com, is the latest reason why: 

And in case that’s not enough, please read this additional excerpt:

In 2013 Wyss committed $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and has given at least $4 million to Podesta’s Center for American Progress.  The Swiss citizen has a seat on CAP’s 12-person  board.

Last week, a Wyss Foundation memo surfaced reportedly from computers at the Democratic National Committee that shows the Swiss citizen promised to spend $100 million on U.S. voter registration “to alter the electorate.”

Although foreigners are barred by law from donating to election campaigns, a loophole permits foreign citizens who run foundations to give unlimited funds to activist groups and even to finance voter registration drives.

Enjoy the read?  Now grow old waiting to see, hear or read about this in most mainstream media.

Me.  I think I’m going to sing those verses about being good to Hillary again.

I have a feeling that, this time, you’ll be singing along….

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