“Too many guns and too many people willing to use them.”

That is Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s explanation of why the Memorial Day weekend left 5 dead and 55 wounded – a continuation of the ongoing bloodbath that Chicago’s streets have become.

Now why didn’t I think of that?

If Superintendent Johnson – on the job one whole month – wants to be a bit more useful (which defines as at least 1% or more than nothing, which is what that quote makes him), maybe he can estimate how many of those gun shootings were perpetrated by legal gun owners with licences to carry their weapons.

My guess is that the answer is zero….which I am right, would also be the amount of value that Chicago’s ultra-strict gun laws had on this weekend’s carnage.

When do they learn that gun laws, and prevention of gun crime, are TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES?

So far, the answer is not yet…maybe never.

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