A problem for Democrats. When Donald Trump goes negative on Hillary Clinton, which he has already done big time and most certainly will continue to do, how do you respond. Here is the answer from some of his Clinton’s supporters, via Jordan Carney’s article at the hill.com:

Democrats are offering a piece of straightforward advice for Hillary Clinton asDonald Trump threatens to dig up scandals from the 1990s: Ignore him.

Clinton’s supporters shrug off concerns that the Trump attacks could stick.

They say most voters will see Trump as dredging up rumors as part of an anything-goes strategy to win the White House.

And they think it will backfire on the presumptive GOP nominee, especially if Clinton responds with arguments about how she wants to solve the nation’s problems.

There you go.  Just pretend that Trump”said attacks don’t exist.

Just like pretending that the email scandal doesn’t exist. Just like pretending you didn’t lie to the families of the Benghazi victims. Yeah, that’ll work.

If the last year has told us anything about Donald Trump, it has told us that he can effectively attack and take down opponents.

Pretending that the attacks he makes are nonexistent will do nothing but encourage him to make more of them.

And as we have also learned, with Trump – unlike many conventional politicians – his continued attacks tend to move his numbers up, not down.

If Donald Trump were doing this against a popular Democrat, maybe it would not be this way.

But poll after poll shows that, after over 30 years in the public eye, Hillary Clinton is almost as unpopular As Trump is. So you can kiss that one goodbye.

The bottom line?  Hillary Clinton is going to have to address Mr. Trump’s attacks.

And, since a good number of them are perfectly legitimate, it is not going to be pretty.

Presidential elections are rarely elevated events. But this one is going to start at the sub-basement, and then will require considerable digging to get to the level it eventually will be at.

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  • There is a huge constituency who believe the political process enriches those in power and their cronies, with no concern for the citizens or the nation.

    That was the dynamic of the Tea Party movement, and it is what draws supporters to Trump.
    Trump is an extremely astute political strategist: Last man standing in a field of 17, framing his campaign to attack sacred cows
    Slick Willie’s sexcapades – and her campaign lies about the women he forced
    Hillie’s Female Card (We need a woman President)
    unsecured emails in ServerGate
    Arab Spring
    violations of Federal Records Retention
    more skeletons than in a Halloween parade
    Rose Law Firm time sheets magically appearing in the White House
    White Water
    Travel Gate
    Campaign donations from foreign governments
    Pay to Play
    Clinton Foundation – most of the money goes for administration
    10,000 more issues

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