the trump town Hall

Ten minutes in, and host Savannah Guthrie has not allowed even one question from the audience yet. Is this a town tall or is this an interview?

UPDATE:  15 minutes in, and still not one question from the audience. But, seemingly for the 926th time, Trump is asked whether he denounces White supremacy. Trump took offense to the question, and should have.  Savannah Guthrie is pathetic.

We were supposed to be given a town Hall, and instead we’re being given a series of “gotcha” questions.

UPDATE:  20 minutes in, and nothing but Savannah Guthrie trying to catch trump by asking contentious questions.

UPDATE:  FINALLY, we now have one question from the audience from someone who, wonder of wonders miracle of miracles, is anti Trump. Would you have expected anything else?

UPDATE:   Now a mother daughter combination with each leaning toward a different candidate.

UPDATE:   About halfway through, and just two questions from the audience. Savannah Guthrie’s sole purpose seems to be challenging Trump on anything and everything, frequently breaking in on him in mid-sentence.

UPDATE:   A question about health care, and again Savannah Guthrie is fighting Trump.  She is not hosting this event, she is acting as the opposition party.

UPDATE:  Now Guthrie is trying to nail him on his tax returns, using The New York Times article from earlier this month. He is making mincemeat of her.

UPDATE:  A question about the incongruency of pushing Amy Tony Barrett through, but disallowing a vote on Merrick Garland in 2016. Clumsily answered with a non sequitur reference to Brett Kavanaugh.  A weak point for Trump.

UPDATE: Question about Roe V Wade. Trump dancing around the issue.

UPDATE: Question about racial justice.   Trump killing this one by enumerating what he is done for the African American community.

UPDATE: Question about the “dreamer” program.  Trump  Answered with political-speak about doing a lot for DACA and dreamers,   Then, references to the building of a border wall and his opposition to catch-and-release policies.

Town hall over.  Trump gets a B+.  Savannah Guthrie gets a D-.

I’m very interested to see how the ratings were compared to the Biden town hall. We’ll know about that tomorrow.

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  • Savannah Guthrie is fighting Trump. She is not hosting this event, she is acting as the opposition party.

    Gee, it seemed that Savannah was running against Trump. She was VERY argumentative with loads of gotcha’s.

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